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    White House physician Dr. Kevin O’Connor said in a letter that Biden “has not experienced a recurrence of symptoms and is feeling much better.” “There is no reason to restart treatment at this time,” O’Connor said.

    According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, Biden will go into self-isolation again COVID-19 for at least five days. He will self-isolate at the White House until his test comes back negative. The agency says most cases of relapse have been mild and no serious illnesses have been reported during the period.

    News of Biden’s positive test, which he had tested negative on Friday morning, came just two hours after the White House announced a presidential visit to Michigan next Tuesday to help pass a bill to boost manufacturing. can be highlighted. Biden was also scheduled to visit his home in Wilmington, Delaware, on Sunday morning, where first lady Jill Biden was staying when the president tested positive. Both trips have been canceled as Biden has returned to seclusion.

    Biden, 79, was treated with the antiviral drug Paxlovid and tested negative for the virus on Tuesday and Wednesday. He was then cleared to come out of isolation wearing a mask indoors. Her positive tests put her in the minority of people prescribed the drug to experience a rebound case of the virus.

    The White House’s COVID-19 coordinator, Dr. Ashish Jha, told reporters on July 25 that data shows that 5 to 8 percent of people have recovered after being treated with Paxilwood.

    “Acknowledging the potential for so-called ‘rebound’ COVID positivity seen in a small percentage of patients treated with paxellovide, the president has called for the safety of those around him and to ensure early detection of any return of infection. increased our test cadence for O’Connor wrote in his letter.

    O’Connor cited Biden’s negative tests Tuesday night, Wednesday morning, Thursday morning and Friday morning before the positive antigen test results Saturday morning. “This, in effect, represents ‘rebound’ positivity,” he wrote.

    According to the CDC, people with rebound Covid should self-isolate for at least five days, ending if the fever goes away on its own within 24 hours without medication and symptoms improve. . The patient “should wear a mask for a total of 10 days after the onset of rebound symptoms. Some people continue to test positive after the 10th day, but they are much less likely to spread the infectious virus.”

    Both the Food and Drug Administration and Pfizer note that between 1% and 2% of people in Pfizer’s original study of Paxlovid saw their viral levels recover after 10 days. The rate was about the same among people who took the drug or dummy pills, “so it’s not clear at this time whether this is related to the drug treatment,” according to the FDA.

    As Biden tested negative, he returned to in-person events and in-house meetings with White House staff and wearing a mask, per CDC guidelines. But the president took off his mask indoors when he delivered remarks on Thursday and during a meeting with chief executives at the White House complex.

    When Biden was asked why he violated CDC protocol, press secretary Karen Jean-Pierre said: “They were socially distant. They were far enough away. So we had them stay together, Made it safe to be on that stage.”

    Regulators are still studying the prevalence and virulence of rebound cases, but the CDC warned doctors in May that these are reported to occur within two to eight days of an initial negative test for the virus.

    “Limited information currently available from case reports suggests that people treated with Paxlovid who have recovered from COVID-19 have had mild illness. There have been no reports of serious illness,” The agency said at the time.

    While Biden was initially released from isolation on Wednesday, O’Connor said the president would “increase his testing cadence” to catch any potential rebound of the virus.

    Paxlovid has been shown to significantly reduce serious illness and death in people most at risk for COVID-19. US health officials have encouraged those who test positive to consult their doctors or pharmacists about whether treatment should be prescribed. Despite the risk of rebound.

    Biden is fully vaccinated, having received two doses of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine shortly before taking office, the first booster shot in September and an additional dose on March 30.

    While patients who recover from previous COVID-19 variants have a high level of immunity to future reinfection for 90 days, Jha said the BA.5 subtype that infected Biden is more “immune.” has proven to be “avoidable.”

    “We’ve seen many people re-infected within 90 days,” he said, adding that officials do not yet have data on how many people have recovered from BA.5 disease. How long are they protected from reinfection?

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