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    Through The CDN Team

    Lilith Games is a Shanghai-based mobile game provider dedicated to creating fun games for gamers around the world, following the basic strategies of “globalization” and “category evolution.” With an in-depth understanding of the global market and the development stages of the category, Lite Games introduced Chinese mobile games, such as “All-Star Heroes”, “Rise of Kingdoms”, and “AFK Arena” world.

    Lite Games was included in LinkedIn’s Top Companies and KPMG’s Top 50 Chinese Cross-Border Brands in 2019. From January to April 2020, Lilith Games topped the list of China-based apps based on consumer spending worldwide. The world from abroad.


    Business Difficulties In the USA

    Poor In-Game Dynamic Command: Players are from different cities and provinces of China, and game transporters also vary in size and quality. Therefore, complex network environments will cause serious delays and network disruptions, especially when cross-network and cross-region scenarios are sequenced. This is the main reason why players do not send their dynamic commands on time which affects their performance in the game.


    Decreased Game Performance:

    A rapid increase in players logging in in the short term can lead to network congestion and fluctuations in network quality. This can damage the packet and affect the delivery of game content, which can reduce the players’ experience.

    Complex and insecure self-made acceleration procedures: Improving player interaction depends on the quality of the nodes and infrastructure in the streaming acceleration network. Also, root selection and protocol optimization should be customized. These are all complex for self-made acceleration procedures. To achieve this kind of functionality, you will need to discover a certain level in devices, as well as intelligent routing strategies. In addition, the main link of the self-made mechanism is the risk of network attacks, which lead to instability and shutdown. Therefore, businesses can be significantly affected by these issues.


    First, snowcloud reduced the dynamic command latency in the game.


    Deployment Of High-Quality Asset Nodes In the USA:

    Alibaba Cloud’s Dynamic Route for CDN (DCDN) provides a large number of asset nodes covering all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from different cities, provinces, and regions of China so that players Reach out to people nearby. . Nodes, In addition, DCDN also ensures stable connections with low delays and resolves issues arising out of the connection between different regions and different ISPs. Friday night funkin unblocked games 911


    Intelligent Routing To Reduce Latency:

    Alibaba Cloud CDN uses global discovery to collect transmission latency data from nodes in real-time. By tuning the router based on dynamic information from asset nodes, Alibaba Cloud’s DCDN reduced game dynamic instruction and online interaction delays.


    Protocol Optimization:

    Alibaba Cloud DCDN uses its own transfer protocol. Compared to the traditional transmission control protocol (TCP), it has been improved to address issues caused by slow start mechanisms, congestion control, and data re-transmission. In addition, the transfer protocol makes full use of bandwidth resources. Doing so further improves data transmission efficiency snow cloud bachelor gulch.

    In addition, Alibaba Cloud has improved the stability of game operations.


    Intelligent routing to minimize packet loss rate:

    Alibaba Cloud’s DCDN real-time inter-node transmission uses global identification to retrieve packet loss data. By adjusting the router based on dynamic information from asset nodes, Alibaba Cloud’s DCDN ensured dynamic instruction of the game and stable transmission of online interactions.


    Multi-Channel Streaming In the USA:

    Along with multi-channel streaming, Alibaba Cloud’s DCDN Dynamic game copies data from instructions and online interactions and streams data across multiple channels. Compared to single-channel transmission, this technology reduces network fluctuations.


    Late Switching Zero Latency:

    Alibaba Cloud DCDN rapidly switches services with zero latency to ensure that players can continue to play as usual when a node fails on the platform. By switching to zero latency, the stability of the platform is guaranteed.


    In Addition, Alibaba Cloud Has Improved Platform Compatibility And Security In the USA:

    Based on snowcloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) infrastructure, internal protocol optimization, and intelligent routing system, Alibaba Cloud’s DCDN greatly improved its delivery speed and usage, especially in poor network environments. I. DCDN supports consumers’ businesses to operate transparently to protect their privacy without invasion. More specifically, with a few simple changes to the original server, Alibaba Cloud’s DCDN can retrieve clients’ IP addresses. Distributed implementation of nodes can also protect the service from attacks.


    Customer Benefits Improved User Experience:

    Alibaba Cloud DCDN reduces network delays and improves the user experience.


    Cost Reduction:

    Alibaba Cloud DCDN allows users to switch all Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) network resources from their original servers to a single operation network. This reduces the bandwidth cost of Origin servers by more than 50% in the USA.


    Flexibility And Safety:

    Featuring easy access and privacy protection, Alibaba Cloud DCDN supports transparent relay and has 4 to 7 layers of protection. Therefore, users do not have to worry about DDoS and web application attacks.



    Through snowcloud Dynamic Route for Content Delivery Network (DCDN), Lilith Games enhances players’ interactive experience in games, saves over 50% in actual server bandwidth costs, and eliminates hacking attacks.

    With static and dynamic separation, edge caching, intelligent routing, and compression transmission technologies, DCDN can solve many problems, such as slow response, packet loss and unstable service, multiple carriers, and network instability, The original server caused single-line traffic to explode and network congestion. . By doing so, you can improve the performance and access experience of dynamic and static compounds and the acceleration of purely dynamic sites or applications in the USA.

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