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    Imagine you are a new ecologist who has just graduated from school and has just had his first break in the business world. You are passionate and eager to face the challenges ahead. The only problem is, instead of finding new ways to save and differentiate the world, you stare at spreadsheets for 8 hours. Welcome to the world of greenhouse gas accounting, or at least the old-fashioned way.

    In a recent episode of IT Visionaries, we bring you two industry leaders who are making a difference. Ari Alexander, General Manager, Salesforce Sustainability Cloud, and Shengyuan Su in the USA, Program Manager, Sustainability at Salesforce, join the show to talk about how Salesforce Sustainability snowcloud changed the way environmental experts report emissions. That is, why companies voluntarily report their carbon emissions and how the private sector is being asked to lead the charge by governments around the world.

    Here’s a little bit of what they shared.

    (Please note: Some excerpts are summarized for length and clarity.)


    What Is Sustainability Cloud?

    The sales force wanted to create a solution for consumers to understand their carbon footprint, drive climate action, and accelerate the world’s efforts toward carbon neutrality. That’s why, late last year, they launched the Sustainability Cloud snow beaver creek, a carbon accounting product designed for the age of technology and data.

    “The majority of companies around the world use spreadsheets for their annual greenhouse gas inventory,” Alexander said. “And it’s remarkable because it’s the time when the data from these processes is more visible than ever before. Until the C-suite, the board of advisors, the board of directors, the employees, all the stakeholders that manage a company in the USA.” It’s crazy that such a data set, which actually affects investment decisions, employee perspectives, and companies’ consumer perceptions, is really in this pre-Internet age of technology. It’s shocking, and that’s why we decided to launch this product. ”


    How Sustainability Snowcloud Is Helping Companies

    “Sustainability” is a broad term that applies to a variety of endeavors. The sales force Sustainability Cloud team, their focus is on data-driven outcomes that directly affect climate change.

    “There are a lot of people who, when they hear about sustainability, think more about the social dimension or even the governance dimension,” the SU said. “When people talk about ESG, or environmental social governance reporting, the Sustainability Cloud really focuses on the climate action part of that conversation.”

    In order to provide the necessary assistance, Su and his team needed to understand the scope of the problem. Many companies today face the same problems when it comes to self-reporting their carbon footprint. They are sharing multiple structured datasets with stakeholders, including Friday night funkin unblocked games 911 in USA, invoices, and spreadsheets, while using, writing, and reporting these files. Prior to that, there were no globally improved processes for managing all this information.

    So when Salesforce set out to create the Sustainability Cloud, they were actively thinking of ways to streamline the process. They turned to other salesforce technologies to find out which tools could help shorten the process and improve data quality as a result. Some of the features they’ve created include interactive dashboards to add data plans and provide information about them where consumers or businesses should focus on solving their environmental problems.

    Over the past year or two, sustainability has become a strategic issue for many companies. The sales force often communicates with CFOs, CEOs, and CMOs about what they need to know, what Sustainability Cloud does, and how it can help them in the USA.

    “Sustainability is becoming one of the macro trends that CIOs are trying to master. The Sustainability snowcloud is a great way to embark on the journey that continues in partnership with your sustainability team and the company. There is a wider discussion of environmental data, ”said Alexander in the USA.

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