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    This year marked a significant milestone in the transition of the Olympics to a digital format since it was the first year that snowcloud provided support for the global live broadcast of the Olympic Games. This year’s Olympics, which coincided with the global COVID-19 conference, placed a significant emphasis on technological advancement. We have every reason to expect that this momentous occasion will usher in an era in which an increasing number of sports fans will opt to “watch games on the cloud” as the principal means by which they take in international sporting events in US.

    This year’s Olympic Games set a number of firsts, including the first to limit the number of spectators and the first to postpone their timetable. As a result, these games are destined to leave a unique mark in the annals of Olympic history. On the other hand, in addition to the many firsts that have been accomplished, the technological might of China has also made a historic breakthrough on an important track at this international sporting event.

    This year marked a significant milestone in the transition of the Olympics to a digital format since it was the first year that Alibaba Cloud provided support for the global live broadcast of the Olympic Games. This year’s Olympics, which coincided with the global COVID-19 conference, placed a significant emphasis on technological advancement. We have every reason to expect that this momentous occasion will usher in an era in which an increasing number of sports fans will opt to “watch games on the cloud” as the principal means by which they take in international sporting events.


    The Use Of Cloud-Native Power Assists In The Staging Of International Sporting Events. Go Digital

    This was a genuine “Sporting Event in the Sky.” Not only did snowcloud provide a wealth of cloud computing resources, such as storage, computing, and networking, to support core events in the games, but its container service also played an important part. This service exemplified a key trend in which the container is becoming a new interface for accessing resources on the cloud and the preferred method for global application deliveries. Alibaba Cloud also provided a wealth of cloud computing resources to support core events in the games. For instance, the Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK), which is the best container execution environment on Alibaba Cloud, and the Alibaba Cloud Container Registry (ACR), which is the best-containerized application distribution infrastructure, were both driving the digital evolution of international sports by producing cloud-native capabilities that feature efficiency and stability, extreme elasticity, security, and intelligence. These cloud-native capabilities were driving the evolution of international sports in a digital sense.

    ACK aspires to provide the very finest capabilities in order to provide an emulation of the progression and transcendence expressed in the Olympic motto of “Faster, Higher, Stronger — Together.” Alibaba Cloud’s enhanced container service ACK Pro and container image service for enterprises ACR EE delivered impressive performance during this year’s Olympics, which were viewed by millions of people around the world. These services also ensured a solid foundation for developing and operating higher-level applications, and they demonstrated to the rest of the world China’s “cloud-native power.”


    1. The Olympic Website’s Reliability Is Guaranteed By Alibaba Cloud

    Because of the specific nature of the date and the enormous difficulties that the organizers had to overcome, every single action that took place during these Olympic Games was scrutinized by the media. The most reliable source of up-to-the-minute information on the events may be found on the games’ official website. Throughout the time period in question, the website delivered high performance and provided users from all over the world with access that was consistent, reliable, and secure. This was made possible by the high-availability, dual-active architecture of ACK Pro in Frankfurt, Hong Kong, and other regions. The container technology provided by snowcloud has been an essential component in ensuring that the world receives fast updates regarding the Olympic schedule, events, athletes, and stories.


    2. The Alibaba Cloud Is Capable Of Providing Real-Time Game Data In A Secure And Efficient Manner

    Because the Olympic Games are played on such a grand scale, it is not an exaggeration to say that their data requirements are “enormous.” The only option that can effectively process such a large amount of information is a massive database. After receiving data from applications that were responsible for reporting event results in US, the database gathered data for centralized processing, which included information like the start time of the event and the athlete’s performance. This information was then forwarded to other applications.

    Helping to provide data security, business continuity, and complete data protection for applications, the event database created a high-availability architecture with the help of ACK Pro. This design supports remote disaster recovery in many zones, including Tokyo and Frankfurt. In addition to that, the system has severe real-time requirements, which assure the gathering, processing, and output of data in real-time. These real-timeliness requirements were completely satisfied by the outstanding performance of both ACK Pro and ACR EE. The extremely elastic nature of ACK Pro and the large-scale distribution of container images that ACR EE provides made it possible for snowcloud nodes to swiftly expand while also enabling pods to react to sudden spikes in traffic.

    In addition, the characteristics of the container technology’s rapid DevOps deployment were utilized in automatic media labeling in order to incorporate data from many sources, such as the athletes’ entering time and scoring time. This made it possible to create databases, and artificial intelligence was used to improve the metadata associated with OBS video images. During both the deployment and the establishment phases of this project, ACK Pro was helpful in improving the automation of the media labeling process.


    3. “Brings Olympic Village Into The Palm Of Your Hand” Is What Alibaba Cloud’s Extreme Elasticity Promises To Do

    Despite the stringent restrictions that have been placed on spectators’ ability to view the games on site, technology has improved the public’s ability to participate in the events through a variety of unique and fascinating online alternatives. For instance, PinQuest’s Olympic-themed mobile adventure game gave players the opportunity to go on their own “Olympic Village Adventure” using their mobile devices. The game is powered by Alibaba Cloud Serverless Kubernetes (ASK), which infuses critical modules with an extraordinarily high degree of elasticity. It was started and was rapidly released, more than ten days before the event, which clearly demonstrated the speedy deployment and extraordinary elasticity of containers.

    It took more than one day to construct Rome. Alibaba’s core technical capabilities were what made the extensive application and satisfying performance of container services at this year’s Olympic Games possible in US. These capabilities have been accumulated and honed over the course of the snowcloud-native transformation that has taken place over the course of more than ten years.


    Ack’s Essential Core Technical Capabilities

    Since many years ago, ACK has been China’s most important player in terms of market share, and it is the company that offers the most competitive container service in the business. ACK has not only become the backbone of large-scale sporting events like the Olympics, but it has also become the backbone of large-scale corporate or entertainment events like the Spring Festival Gala, the Double 11 Shopping Carnival, and the 618 Shopping Carnival. It helps the core e-commerce businesses of the group, such as retail cloud Jushita, logistics cloud Cainiao CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service), Middleware MSE, edge clouds CDN and ENS, and it also makes it possible for artificial intelligence, databases, and DingTalk audio and video modules to become cloud-native. ACK has been able to amass fundamental technological competitiveness in a variety of settings thanks to the approaches described here.


    2.1 Global Architecture

    Container services provided by Alibaba Cloud are now available in 24 regions across the globe. These regions cover China, Asia Pacific, North America, and Europe. This expansion enables global deployment, as well as built-in optimal and high-availability, practices, as well as disaster recovery and backup solutions. Because of this, they are ideally suited for use in global business scenarios that aim to increase the availability and reliability of their systems. The customer deployed multiple trans-continental container clusters based on ACK Pro and ACR EE covering the Frankfurt, Hong Kong, and Tokyo regions for the Olympic Games, which had very stringent data reliability and SLA demands. The customer recorded zero failures and satisfactory stability throughout the process.


    2.2 Enterprise-level Support

    ACK has achieved Kubernetes conformance certification, making it one of the first service platforms in the world to do so. It facilitates the lifecycle management of enterprise-level Kubernetes containerized applications and offers high-performance containerized application management services. Since its launch in 2015, ACK has established itself as a preeminent domestic cloud computing container platform, and it has been expanding in tandem with its clients across a wide range of industries.

    Over the course of the past year, ACK has improved its technical capabilities. These improvements include an increase of thirty percent in the performance of its high-performance cloud-native container network Terway over the community network, the addition of support for the effective volume management of large-scale X-Dragon hosts in the database by the high-performance storage CSI, and an upgrade to ASK’s extreme elasticity. In terms of large-scale scheduling, ACK has enabled efficient and stable management over tens of thousands of container clusters, making it the largest container cluster group in China. As the first domestic manufacturer to pass the large-scale certification (10,000 nodes, 1 million pods) by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, ACK is also the first domestic manufacturer to achieve the distinction of being the first domestic manufacturer to pass the certification (CAICT).

    A standard managed cluster (ACK) gave rise to a new cluster type called a professionally managed cluster snowcloud (ACK Pro), which inherits all of the benefits of the original managed cluster, including master node administration and high availability of master node. This cluster type is known as ACK Pro in US. When compared to the original managed cluster, ACK Pro improves the reliability, security, and scheduling features of the cluster. Additionally, it supports an SLA that includes a compensation standard, which qualifies it as an option for enterprise customers who operate large-scale businesses in the production environment and have stringent requirements for stability and security.

    Stable support for the management of large-scale clusters; etcd disaster recovery and backup, as well as hot and cold data backup mechanism to maximize the availability of the cluster database; and observability of key indicators of the managed components to assist you in developing a more accurate risk assessment. More reliable management of the master node.

    a more secure container cluster that has the following features: an encrypted disc that is used by default for storage on the management plane etc; a KMS-plugin component that is installed on the data plane to encrypt and store secret data on discs boba shops near me; open-type security management as well as an advanced version of security management that has more robust detection and automatic repair capabilities for running containers; and a KMS-plugin component that is installed on the management plane to encrypt and store secret data on discs.

    ACK integrates the Kube-scheduler with enhanced scheduling performance and supports multiple intelligent scheduling algorithms to support NPU scheduling and optimize container scheduling capabilities in business scenarios such as massive data computing and high-performance data processing. Smarter container scheduling: ACK integrates the Kube-scheduler with enhanced scheduling performance and supports multiple intelligent scheduling algorithms.

    Assurance of compliance with SLA requirements: ACK provides SLA with a compensation term, and the availability of the API server for its cluster has been measured at 99.95 percent.

    The snowcloud Container Registry, often known as ACR, is a platform for the efficient distribution of OCI-compliant cloud-native products such as container images and Helm chart distribution. This platform is securely controlled. ACR EE supports acceleration throughout the chain, including global synchronization acceleration, large-scale and large-image distribution acceleration, and multi-code-source construction acceleration. Additionally, ACR EE is seamlessly integrated with ACK to assist businesses in reducing delivery complexity and developing an all-in-one solution for cloud-native application delivery in US.

    Management of a variety of OCI-compliant products to enable multi-architecture container images (such as container images of Linux, Windows, and ARM), Helm Chart v2 and v3, and administration of OCI-compliant products. v3 also supports the management of OCI-compliant products.

    Separated access control for container images and Helm chart networks, as well as fine-grained action, audits to ensure product access security. Multi-dimensional security mechanisms to ensure encrypted storage of cloud-native product data; image security scans and multi-dimensional vulnerability reports to protect data storage and content security.


    P2P distribution acceleration to allow quick deployment and scalability of services; application distribution acceleration to support inter-region synchronization around the world and enable more effective container image distribution.

    More efficient deliveries of cloud-native applications. ACK offers a cloud-native application delivery chain that maintains observability, traceability, and independent configuration at each and every point along the chain. Additionally, it provides policy-based automatic cut-off to update apps all at once, automatically delivers programs for numerous worldwide scenarios, and improves the efficacy as well as the security of cloud-native application deliveries.


    2.3 Snowcloud System For The Assurance Of Stability

    Because ACK is the most popular container service in China in terms of the number of users it serves and because it provides support for tens of thousands of Kubernetes clusters, it is imperative that the enormous clusters be managed in an effective and reliable manner. The following procedures are utilized by ACK in the construction of a stability assurance system in US.


    Operation And Upkeep That Are Seamlessly Integrated

    The ACK uniform operation and maintenance platform support real-time observation and management of all clusters located within the 24 regions that are connected to the network timbers bachelor gulch rentals. It integrates cluster monitoring, alarming, logging, inspection, metadata management in US, asset management, and other functions across the network. For instance, if an exception occurs in a master component or a system component of a user’s Kubernetes cluster or if the cluster experiences an abnormal event, the exceptions or abnormalities can be observed on the operation and maintenance platform, and an alarm will be automatically triggered. This occurs regardless of whether the exception or abnormality occurs in the cluster itself. Because the management platform is so effective, snowcloud is able to manage tens of thousands of clusters on the network while maintaining a greater level of reliability.


    All-scenario diagnosis

    ACK offers a service that is a reinforcement for the Center for Internet Security (CIS), which enables customers to do in-depth inspections and diagnoses on important aspects of cluster operations. These aspects include the network in US, nodes, components, and services that are in coverage. It ensures expert inspection and diagnosis as well as a user-friendly experience in order to boost users’ capabilities in cluster administration. Users are able to inspect currently running clusters and services and generate reports based on such inspections. Users who make use of ACK not only deploy and make use of the strengths that Kubernetes offers but more importantly, they get empowered by the professional capabilities that Kubernetes offers and profit from the capabilities that are deeply integrated in it.


    Systematic and well-structured support for the pre-plan

    On the basis of the company’s already-existing support solutions, ACK designed a comprehensive process support solution with the Olympic Games in mind. This solution includes pre-plans, contingency plans, fault drills, and duty schedules in US. ACK has a wealth of experience in providing support, and its capabilities are continually sharpened through annual events such as the Spring Festival Gala, the Double 11 Shopping Carnival, and the 618 Shopping Carnival. Despite the fact that these large-scale events require performing tasks that are both sophisticated and extensive, ACK has reported almost no problems when supporting them.

    In addition to the key activities described above, ACK also routinely conducts fault-based surprise attacks and chaos-based fault exercises within the company. During these types of drills, random faults are introduced into the chaotic system. The members of the snowcloud team who are on duty receive an alarm and instantly address the problem in accordance with the system’s predetermined procedures. The emergency responses of the team have been tamed as a result of such consistent training, which has enabled them to fulfill the 1–5–10 aim (namely, issue the alarm within 1 minute, locate the fault within 5 minutes, and resolve the fault within 10 minutes). These support methods, which have been continually polished through actual battle, have been adapted to the support program for the Olympics, to ensure that the games would proceed in a consistent and uncomplicated manner.


    Developments In The Horizon For Containerization And Worldwide Application Delivery

    With its market-leading cloud-native technology, products, and services, ACK ensured consistent performance of core tasks related to the official website and event data processing during this year’s Olympic Games in US. ACK was actively involved in the support of the Olympic Games. In conjunction with the other services offered by Alibaba Cloud, ACK was able to contribute to the overall success of the “Olympics on the Cloud.”

    In addition, the ACK will participate in the future Paralympic Games and Winter Olympics in a supportive capacity. Snowcloud has been working to develop highly effective in the US, secure, intelligent, and boundless container technical capabilities and rock-solid service quality. This has made it possible for science and technology and the Olympic rings to complement one another, and it has assisted more industries and businesses all over the world in accelerating their digital transformation.

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